Rules and Guidelines for Recitals:

Revised October/2005


1. Starting time will be 2:30 p.m. for afternoon recitals and will be announced for evening recitals depending on the time of year (7:00 or 7:30 p.m.).

2. All performers must be students of Registered Music Teachers.

*3. Length of a single performance not to exceed 5 minutes.

4. The number of students performing at a recital will be determined by the convenors.  Recitals should be a maximum of 75 minutes in length.

5. Names of students performing at recitals and information about their selections should reach the convenors one week prior to the recital.

6. Except for the Canada Music Week recital and those preparing for festival creative music classes, pieces selected for performance should be published works.

7. Dress code: jeans, shorts, and sweat pants are prohibited.

8. Performers are expected to bow after their performances in acknowledgement of the applause from the audience.

9. A guest artist may perform at a recital at the invitation of the convenors.

10. "O Canada" will be sung at the beginning of the Canada Music Week recital.  The singing of "O Canada" at other recitals will be at the discretion of the convenors.

11. The convenors will provide the tablecloth and basket for the receipt of donations to defray expenses, and will forward the money to the treasurer.  Also, convenors for recitals at new locations will be responsible for checking the condition of the piano ahead of time.

*Indicates that these rules may be waived at the discretion of the convenors.